TruStar Car Care One 90 Days Same-As-Cash Credit Card gives installers' customers an additional avenue with which to pay for the repair. With 90 days same as cash on all purchases over $150.00 and low monthly payments, the TruStar 90 Days Same As Cash Credit Card is just what you are looking for to increase the number of cars serviced.

The Benefits to the Installer are:

The Benefits to the Consumer are:

• Draws consumers in due to extended financing.

• Marketing Enhancements

• Causes consumers to make incremental purchases

• Raises average ticket

• Lowers transaction costs

• One terminal solution

• Greater Share of Wallet

• Exclusively for aftermarket purchases.

• 90 Days same as cash

• Roadside Assistance

• No Down Payment

• No Annual Fee

• Immediate Approval

• Nationwide Acceptence

• Low Monthly Payments

If you are an installer who would like to become a TruStar 90 Days Same As Cash Credit Card provider to your customers, apply for the card by clicking on the link below and follow the directions. If you are interested in more information, please contact your local TruStar Distributor and they will be glad to help.

If you encounter any difficulties in this process, contact the TruStar 90 Days Same As Cash assistance line at 281-485-9908.